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Residential Fire Sprinkler Installation

Residential fire sprinklersThe average response time for an emergency call to a fire department is 10 minutes; a fire doubles in size every 30 seconds. We observed a fire set in a fire demonstration trailer equipped with a smoke detector, a carbon monoxide (CO) detector, and a residential fire sprinkler. The sprinkler activated and the fire was almost out before the smoke and CO detectors activated 30 seconds after the sprinkler. Installing residential fire sprinklers will usually reduce your home insurance rates as well.

Residential fire sprinklers reduce the amount of damage to your home from the fire and from water. Only one sprinkler head will activate in 90% of home fires, the exception is when the fire is centered under two heads. The amount of water discharged from a residential fire sprinkler is much, much less than the fire department will put on a fire in your home, significantly reducing the costs of repairs, the time you are out of your home, and any increases in insurance rates. Fire sprinkler systems are fairly expensive to install in existing homes, but your family, your home, and your treasures are priceless.

We are licensed Residential Fire Sprinkler installers, we work with systems designed by qualified fire sprinkler design professionals to increase the safety of your home.


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