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Energy Efficient Water Heaters

Energy Efficient Water HeatersThere are many options for energy efficient water heaters: tankless water heaters, condensing tank and tankless water heaters, hybrid gas water heaters, hybrid heat pump water heaters. The right choice depends on many factors including space, energy source, number of bathrooms, type of fixtures, and budget. We can unravel the ins and outs of the options and provide you with choices for heating water in your home. Call us to discuss your options BEFORE your water heater fails. The average life of a residential tank water heater is 10 years, so plan ahead and call us today so you have time to consider the options. A significant amount of energy can be saved simply by insulating your hot water piping, especially the first five feet of the cold and hot piping at the water heater. Repairing leaking hot water faucets will also provide significant savings.


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